Who are we?

How many times have you met somebody, and ten minutes into an interruption-cratered mess of a conversation, stopped and said, “Wait. Is this what it’s like, talking to me?” Read that part aloud in an incredulous English accent and you’ll have a fair re-enactment of the start of Meg and Tim’s friendship and creative misadventures.

Tim Lucas is a photographer, designer and, now, video-ist. Among other things, of course. Oh, and don’t mind the accent–it’s because he’s from Karns. (Well, and Britain before that.)

Meghan Palmer is a writer, with a secret desire to be a writer-slash-photographer. Among other things. Of course.

What makes Knoxville so great is that it’s a biggish small town … or is that a smallish city? It’s full of greenways, waterways, good food and good companionship, and so many creative makers, doers and storytellers that it’s hard not to be inspired living here.


So we at Yonder Backyard Adventures (that’s Meg & Tim) have teamed up to make videos about all the cool Knoxville-and-surrounding-area-things and people we can find. And inflict our combined sense of humor upon you, our audience. Sorry about that.

Stay tuned for blogs and videos! They’re sure to be epic! (Well, if not epic, then at least moderately entertaining.)

Thanks for reading and watching. We’re glad you’re here!

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