Taking great photos of kids

girl and boy pressing noses together in photograph

Taking photos of kids can be challenging at best.

When the kids are yours, you can try to keep them in line with stern looks and the occasional scolding. (Notice I said “try.”) When they’re not yours, well … sometimes you just have to grin and bear the indignancies of being a photographer who works with children.

You could always bail out and become a wedding photographer. Oh, on second thought … what about landscape photography?

If you’re willing to put up with shenanigans, shyness, general pouty-face and even plastic toy chainsaw-wielding madness, taking photos of kids can actually be rewarding.

As evidence of this, I submit this video link: Meghan Palmer’s first lesson in taking professional-quality photographs of her children.

The most important lesson from this video is probably “fun.” Some of the best images from the day’s shoot came out of silliness, and they certainly weren’t staged. It’s important to pick the location carefully, and frame the shot, but after that, well … the best memories aren’t scripted, are they?

When you watch the video, listen for these little gems:

“What, are you taking pictures of their nostrils?”

“Is it a railway sleeper, or railroad-tie henge?”

“I’ve imprisoned my child in a lawn chair!”

We hope you enjoy the video, and learn a few things along the way.


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